Welcome to my homemade website "Dwelling Portably".   Over the years i have (like many other people) had my ups and downs financially. I have never been a person who was very interested in becoming wealthy. I am not a person with special skills which would or might allow me to earn a "good" living. Supporting myself honestly and "dropping out" from society has always been a goal of mine and is a continual process i pursue. Web Master
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to getting up every morning and going to some gut-wrenching job which i hate. The ideal situation in my opinion is one where i can earn some money probably part-time to support myself and have plenty of free time because of my low overhead. In the past i have enjoyed the Mother Earth News type subject matter and have learned a lot from that publication. I have also (like many people) worked at jobs which were miserable for me and i have also enjoyed some good work experiences. Generally speaking, i enjoy most having plenty of free time and some money to pay for basic necessities. I prefer my present lifestyle. The ideal situation is not to stop working and go on welfare or be supported by the state. My lifestyle requires one to eliminate or reduce the unnecessary expenses from life. A person can increase their discretionary income by lowering their overhead just like a business would do to remain profitable. For long stretches of time i have been unable to secure viable employment or viable sources of income especially as i have become older. In the past i have had to use the food stamp program and recycle scrap metal to make some cash. But because of my lifestyle it has not been a big disaster for me. My life would be considered an ongoing disaster by many people anyway. My believe is that life is very difficult even under the most ideal conditions. It has been my experience in life that . . .

1. Having access to clean drinking water is a blessing.
2. Having a daily source of clean food is also a big blessing.
3. Having adequate clothing is also a blessing.
4. Having some kind of primitive shelter is also a blessing.

The material presented in this website is based on my experience and research. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

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