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  1. PETER & MIRIAM LANCEWOOD (27 Jul 17) This is an interesting situation. This looks to me to be in reality a homeless camp set-up. But anyway, this couple has been successful in marketing themselves as "Wilderness Nomads" and have numerous videos and even a book out about their lifestyle. Peter i think has a PhD in something and he was a college professor. I guess their basic philosophy is: MIRIAM LANCEWOOD: "Living a free life means embracing insecurity and stepping into the unknown". Visit these other links to read more interesting information about this couple: stuff.co.nz/life-style/well-good/inspire-me/90037322/Miriam-Lancewood-is-New-Zealands-Woman-in-the-Wilderness. You can access her YouTube channel by visiting:

    ►"Woman in the Wilderness" is an inspirational story of adventure and bravery, of how one woman learned to dig deep and push the boundaries in order to discover what really matters in life. Miriam Lancewood is a young Dutch woman living a primitive,
    nomadic life in the heart of the mountains with her New Zealand husband. She lives simply in a tent or hut and survives by hunting wild animals, foraging edible plants and using minimal supplies. For the last six years she has lived this way, through all seasons, often cold, hungry and isolated in the bush. She loves her life and feels free, connected to the land and happy. This book tells her story, including the very practical aspects of such a life: Her difficulties learning to hunt with a bow and arrow, struggles to create a warm environment in which to live, attempts to cross raging rivers safely and find ways through the rugged mountains and dense bush. This is interwoven with her adjustment to a very slow pace of life, her relationship with her much older husband, her interactions with the few other people they encounter, and her growing awareness of a strong spiritual connection to the natural world. There's a lot of drama out there in the wilds and Miriam knows how to spin a good yarn with tension, colour and light, making this a gripping and engaging read. Reminiscent of both adventure writing like Wild and nature writing like H is for Hawk this is perfect for those exploring the idea of living an authentic, real life. "My life is free, random and spontaneous. This in itself creates enormous energy and clarity in body and mind." ▬ Miriam Lancewood◄
  2. PVC COMPOUND BOW (22 Jul 17) There are people out there who have developed the skill of catching fish using a bow & arrow. There are also a number of videos which give instructions on how to make a compound bow using PVC Tube/Pipe. The video i have linked to here is very interesting in my opinion because it features
    a young lady making a compound bow using the most primitive of methods. Also, i want to mention that there are many uses for PVC pipe beside carrying liquids like water. There is also a video on YouTube about making a "Fish Trap" which looks interesting.

    ►Published on Jun 17, 2017. Amazing Girl Uses PVC Pipe Compound Bow Fishing To Shoot Fish -Khmer Fishing At Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hi! This Is Video I Want To Show You About Amazing Girl Uses PVC Pipe Compound Bow Fishing To Shoot Huge Fish - Khmer Fishing At Siem Reap Cambodia. If You Like This Video And Want To Get More Videos With Me! Please Subscribe My Channel Here: (http://goo.gl/FYM9Iv), Please Follow Me On: Google Plus : (https://goo.gl/skaxzR). Facebook: (https://goo.gl/jLSXYX). Web: (https://goo.gl/E845S9). Thank! You So Much For Watching My Videos.◄
  3. Norman Clyde NORMAN CLYDE (10 Jun 17) Like Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz, Clyde gave up on the "system" and lived life on his own terms which meant freedom from a lot of nonsense. His starting point was as a school principal in Big Pine, California. Not enjoying the pressure of the community to conform to their social expectations he finally decided to live full time the life he loved which was to be a mountain nomad. I have visited his area near Bishop a long time ago. He has passed away, but has grown ever more popular over the years. Click this dot/bullet to visit a video about Norman ➜

    ►This riveting account of one of the most notable personalities of the mountain climbing world reconstructs the life of legendary mountaineer Norman Clyde (1885-1972). He made his mark on history with more than one hundred and thirty first ascents throughout western North America, and many believe he knew the High Sierra better than anyone else, including John Muir. Part of his mystique comes from participating in high-profile mountain rescues and recoveries, in which he is credited with saving a number of lives. Those who had the good fortune to meet him–often with a ninety-pound pack on his back that included an anvil for boot repair, fishing rods, cooking pots, and books in Greek and Latin–never forgot the experience. Biographer Robert C. Pavlik uses Clyde's own words, along with recollections from his family, friends, fellow climbers, and acquaintances, to capture the experiences of a remarkable man and a bygone time "between the pioneers and the rock climbers".◄
  4. White Van VAN/RV DWELLER VIDEOS (22 Jul 17) This listing here is special in that it only contains links to Youtube videos which feature information/instructional material on Van & RV dwelling. These videos can be very helpful for the first time van/rv owner who wants to live in their vehicle. The links featured below are not a complete list, just a sample of some of the most popular ones.

    HIS & HERS
    (8 Jul 17) This listing is about a subject most people are probably unaware. I knew a man about the year 1985 named: Miles Marion Mahan who lived in his Cadillac car most of his life near Victorville, California right next to Interstate Highway 15. He had removed the rear seat from the car which allowed him to install a mattress for sleeping at night. He owned a small piece of land he had bought years previously near the current freeway,
    but had made no improvements and did not even have any storage sheds or an outhouse set on the property. California is very strict about building codes so a person cannot really live on raw land in a shed for example - you are required to follow the uniform building code. But he lived in his car parked on his land and would also use it to make trips to town for groceries and other stuff. I think a person could copy his system almost anywhere in the US because you are not building anything on the land. But a person is most likely to pull this off in a rural area, not in a city limits. So if a person bought a cheap piece of land like off eBay near a place which had some basic services like a grocery store, gas station, bank, & a cafe all you would have to pay is probably property taxes. It would probably be best to keep the property cleaned with no barking dogs to disturb the neighborhood. Lucerne Valley, 29 Palms, Johnson Valley, Landers, & Yucca Valley, California are just several examples of places where you might be able to live this way. Colorado probably has lots of cheap land where you could live this way. Always check to see what the property taxes are before buying land. It can be expensive sometimes. Picture on the right is of a nice big Grocery/Cafe/Hardware store located in Lucerne Valley, California surrounded by low cost desert land. Elevation about: 2,953ft.
  6. BUCKET TOILET/POTTY (13 June 17) Here is my own version of a portable bucket toilet with philosophy. I needed a toilet system that was practical and easy to manage. This system is designed for use with public trash collection systems, i.e. public trash cans available in most city environments. People use public trash cans to dispose of all kinds of waste products: Such as cat & dog manure, used baby diapers, used syringes, dead animals, plus a lot of other nasty substances. I consider the availability of these public trash cans a real blessing and have no desire to abuse the system. I respect posted signs and if a public trash can has a sign attached to it which says "No Household Trash" then i do not use this trash can and find another which has no posted signs. I do not like to dispose of my waste on a daily basis and would much rather make infrequent trips to the trash can (approximately every 4 to 6 weeks). My system allows me to do this. My system consists of the following items: One five gallon plastic bucket, Glad (7 gallon) plastic trash bags, heavy duty plastic trash bags, Hydrated Lime, a plastic toilet seat from like the Home Depot with the lid/cover and any hardware removed, a small hand scoop to use with the hydrated lime. Hydrated lime & quicklime are both very earth friendly products, so no need to be concerned about hurting the environment. But be careful with the quicklime because it can cause burns on your skin and do not get it wet with water. These lime products have been used for years in out-houses to help keep the smell down and also help to keep maggots, flies and other parasites from forming in the waste. It does not work perfectly but it helps to reduce the odor. My toilet system is adjustable so you can change things to suit your situation. Use 2 Glad Large size trash bags (or similar) for a bucket liner (very important). Sprinkle each new #2 with some Hydrated Lime (easily available from most garden supply stores or Home Depot probably - very low cost & lasts forever) to help keep the smell down and the flies from making babies (worms) in the #2. When full to the level you can lift - tie off the plastic bags with a "Cable/Zip Tie" and place the contents in another heavy duty plastic bag and then tie the bag closed using a Cable/Zip tie. You can trim the Cable/Zip Ties with diagonal cutters if you so desire, but probably not necessary. Now the bag and it's contents are ready for disposal in a public trash receptacle which does not have a sign posted on it saying: "No Household Trash". Do not use the bag ties that come with the box of trash bags - they are not strong enough to withstand the rough handling the bag and it's contents may endure on it's trip to the dump. When done properly you will use two light duty bags plus one final heavy duty bag = 3 bags total. You can place the plastic bucket lid on top of the bucket loosely or you will have to use a Dremel to ream out the grove around the lid to allow it to fit over the bags. Also, you can buy a low cost small (7-10 gallon?) metal trash can with a metal lid and use it to store your 5 gallon plastic bucket when not in use - it virtually eliminates any smell. It may be possible to use a metal bucket alone if you can find one that will work with the toilet seat & liner bags. This system is low cost and easy to manage, better than a PORTA-POTTY or COMPOSTING toilet. I have used this method for years and i have not had any problems with complaints or signs placed on public trash cans saying: "No Human Waste Allowed". If you use my system you will probably have no problems with public officials. But actually in my opinion "Burning" human waste is the best method. I need to invent a small portable #2 burner someday or someone else should invent one.
    BOB it DebraJoys video about her portable potty set-up.

    Click The Links Below To Purchase . . .
    ● Hydrated Lime (Available in different quantities. Very long lasting.)
    ● Quicklime (Mostly used outdoors in out-houses.)
    ● Lime Scoop (Used to sprinkle lime over #2.)
    ● Cable Tie Guns (Used to tighten zip ties.)
    ● Cable/Zip Ties (You can use approx. 1/8 or 3/16in width size by 6in to 10in long.)
    ● Diagonal Cutters (Used to trim cable/zip ties if so desired but not necessary.)
    ● Ironclad Trash Bags (These appear to be a heavy duty trash bag.)
    ● Glad Trash Bags (Use for the two bucket liner bags.)
    ● Plastic Toilet Seats (Remove cover. Make sure hole in seat fits inside bucket.)
    ● Metal Trash Cans (For storing white plastic bucket toilet or making bucket toilet.)
    ● Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder (Makes TP handy & Usable.)
    ● Bathroom Toilet Foot Stool (Use to elevate legs for easier elimination.)
    ● Urinal/Urine Bags (Wonderful items for sanitary disposal of urine.)
    ● Toilet Paper Rolls (No need to describe how to use this.)
    ● White Plastic Buckets (For storing lime & For making bucket toilet.)
  7. Dorian PASKOWITZ FAMILY (9 Jun 17) A long time ago i discovered this family of about 11 people who traveled around in a camper truck spending most of their time surfing different beaches around Hawaii, California, & Mexico. The father of the group "Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz was a licensed medical doctor who graduated from Stanford University. I think what he would do is work as a doctor in the emergency rooms of hospitals on the weekends ($200 an hour, according to my mother) and would surf the other five days of the week. It was a true nomadic lifestyle which he and his family lived all their lives. Surfwise is the movie made about his life.

    ►We are the longest running surf camp in the United States. Our mission is to continue the Paskowitz legacy of teaching beginners to surf. But we want to instill more then that for most of you will become surfers. We will teach you the correct basic skills to stand up then you will ride waves standing on your own. We started the business of surf schools and will always maintain the best surf instructors in the world. The formula for success is simple go at your own pace, warm water, sunny beaches, great people in the water and on the beach & delicious food! We are a small family run business with a family of staff that are professional, fun and really love what they do. For over three decades the Paskowitz Surf Camp has been teaching people how to surf. And in doing so we have given the beginner, the novice and the experienced surfer a sense of self-confidence that can only come from an exuberant interaction with nature. Our credo, Spread The Aloha is a welcome for everyone; young, middle-aged, mature, woman, man, black, white, fearful or brave, to come and experience the joy of surfing a wave. In giving everyone a chance to feel the surge of one of natures most awe-inspiring forces, the Paskowitz family is following in the beloved tradition of surfing patriarch Paskowitz, who has spread the gospel of Aloha from the shores of Oahu and Kauai to the sands of Cabo San Lucas and San Onofre.◄
  8. Free Campsites FREE CAMPSITES (6 Apr 17) I got this from Roxy and have not used it myself, but it looks like a very useful site.

    ►Free Camping Near You. Go Camping For Free! Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip, we've got you covered. You can simply use your smart phone's GPS to find camping near you or even use our trip planner to plan your route from coast to coast. Our community provides the best free camping information available. Free campgrounds can be hard to find. Freecampsites.net makes it easy. We give you a simple, map based search engine to find free and cheap camping areas. Community reviews and ratings provide you with up to date information and help you select the best camp site for your next camping trip. This is a platform for sharing campgrounds and camp sites you have discovered. We are community driven, and while we will be adding many free camping spots, we hope that you will add some of your favorite camping places as well. By sharing camping information freely, we can all spend less time researching campgrounds, spend less money, and more time camping. If everyone contributes a few campsites, we'll all have more places to go camping. Whether you enjoy tent camping, car camping or RV camping, our goal is to help you find the best places to go camping. We believe that free camping areas are often the most beautiful and peaceful camp sites. Our focus is on public lands. You own these lands and you are entitled to use them. We especially like camping on Forest Service land, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas, WMA's (Wildlife Management Areas) and county or city parks. We hope you enjoy the same style of camping.◄
  9. Amelia the Tropicat CAPTAIN LIZ CLARK   Well, what could be more of a portable dwelling than a sail boat? This younger type lady has adopted quite a lifestyle living & sailing around on her sail boat. And i think she is still going strong with this lifestyle as indicated by her Facebook page.

    ►I left California aboard Swell in early 2006 with the hope of succeeding at my life-long dream of surf exploration via sailboat. Since then, the voyage has presented more fantastic friends, waves, adventures, natural beauty, opportunities for personal growth and insights than I dreamed possible. Swell serves as my floating home and transportation. I travel at a pace not much faster than you can run. Weather, swell, and tides dictate my days. This isn't just a surf trip–it's a lifestyle, passion, and search for better ways for humanity to inhabit our shared planet.◄
  10. Living The Van Life LIVING THE VAN LIFE   Well it's finally happening: People are finally discovering the benefits of the "Van Life Living" paradigm. House & apartment rent has just gotten to be too expensive for many working people and so they are buying vans to live in. Used school buses are also a big draw and people are buying buses to live in if they want a little more space to work. Also, you can rent a private mail box if you want to receive mail & packages, live at campgrounds like maybe KOA and others. ►One guy decided to live in a van to save money and another decided to live and work inside a school bus to maximize profits. Imagine paying $120 to live in a studio in Los Angeles, California where the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is about $2,300. Sounds nice, huh? Stephen Hutchins, 22, a freelance animation artist and rapper by the name of Lateral, does just that, except he doesn't live in an apartment — or a studio, really. He lives in a van. He's not alone. Last year, 4,600 cars and RVs were used as homes, according to The Los Angeles Times. L.A., like many cities, has a housing shortage. This, coupled with a 3.1 percent vacancy rate, makes affordable living in L.A. an oxymoron. "The main expenses are insurance for the van, which is like $60 a month," said Hutchins. "Then, I have a storage unit for like $60." That puts his monthly rent at $120. The van cost him just $125 at an auction. Hutchins works part-time at a Taco Bell to help pay the bills, and he says living in a van has slashed his cost of living by $800 a month. "Minimizing my bills can essentially allow me to work less hours." — Stephen Hutchins. He showers at the gym, cooks on a portable stove on a sidewalk (he stores his butane at his friends' place nearby) and uses wifi at nearby coffee shops. Jon Christensen, who's with the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability, says the "Van Life" is very much an all-American, Henry David Thoreau ideal.◄
  11. Three Feathers Reed THREE FEATHERS REED   Over the years i have occasionally did a search for a man i met near Victorville, California at a Mountain Man Rendezvous in Bear Valley. His name at the time was "Three Feathers Reed". His real name is: Rusty Reed. At the time i met him he also had a lady living with him (whom he later married) called: Canary Kate with whom he is no longer together.


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    But, anyway he mentioned to me that he was influenced by Henry David Thoreau & his philosophy of life. He was an interesting guy. Due to getting older he no longer walks around with his two burros but instead has a pickup truck and maybe places to live from people he knows and now i guess he has his own mobile home in Arizona provided by the Veterans Affairs office. He was kind of a famous guy actually, especially in the mountain man rendezvous community. I spent a couple months or more pulling a small cart behind me loaded with my camping gear around Southern California and it was interesting to learn he walked 25-30 miles a day on foot with his burros in tow, about the same distance i used to walk on foot. Now i am paying for it with painful legs and feet at age 67 (me too! gg). Here are some links to various articles written about him: Life With Dogs and RVsue and Rambling Bob.

    ►Three Feathers was a true Mountain Man. He was a disabled Vietnam Vet. He walked with a lurching walk due to damage to both knees from friendly fire in Vietnam. His source of income was a disability check ($50 a month) sent to his sisters house in San Bernardino, California - but he lived in the Mountains, literally. He had two small Burros that carried all his gear. He lived in his buckskins year round, he had his rifle and pistol and knife. He had an axe, his tomahawk, and cooking gear. He had a small six foot Indian style Tipi, with collapsible poles he packed on his burros. He traveled the Pacific Crest trail from Mexico to Canada. Three Feathers lived off the land when he could, and made every Mountain Man Rendezvous he could reach. It was the life he lived everyday.◄
  12. Burro Bill EDNA CALKINS PRICE   This lady & her husband "Burro Bill" as a temporary lifestyle used to wander on foot around the California, Arizona, and Nevada deserts using pack animals to carry their necessities. I think they lived this way for a little over 10 years before finally settling down in the town of Idyllwild, in Southern California. This is a good book because it helps teach a person how to live; something missing in today's world.

    ►Burro Bill and Me is a personal memoir of the author who gave up a life as a nurse to a millionaire, to travel Death Valley, Nevada and the Arizona Strip behind a burro. The characters she meets come to life in this book, from the old prospectors, Mormon farmers, thieves,and people who would give their last bite of food to a couple of complete strangers. Raised as a well-to-do Virginia girl, Edna fell head-over-heels in love with a semi-literate and restless young man whose dreams of adventure and freedom were as wide as the California sky. "I can't take a soft life," he told his bride. "It rots a man." Thus began an uncommon love story. For ten happy years, 1931 to 1941, Edna and Bill Price abandoned city life and roamed sun-scorched Death Valley and the Arizona badlands on foot with their string of pack burros. They slept under the stars, scratched out a meager living from the wasteland, and hobnobbed with prospectors, outlaws, herders and hobos. "In this place," Bill explained, "a man can find his God." Far from feeling displaced, Edna thrived as a desert flower. In her extraordinary memoir, a jewel of Western Americana, Edna writes with wit and grit, recalling "those years when we knew no bed but the ground, no roof but the sky, when we were known all over the deserts simply as Burro Bill and Mrs. Bill."◄
  13. Roxy Whalley NOMAD FOR NATURE   This is about a "Lady Vagabond" who is still active living her vagabond lifestyle. Her name is Roxy Whalley and she is a transplant from England to the USA and has lived here for almost 30 years. For the past 12 years she has lived in a "Montero SUV 4x4". She is a photographer and has some very beautiful pictures for sale on one of her websites.

    ►Thanks for dropping in and paying me a visit. I've got to warn you, I cram a lot of stuff into this blog so I've broken it down into a few different categories (so you don't have to scroll through posts you're not interested in). You'll find these categories in the right hand column. As a Nomad for Nature, I love to share my life as a nomad, but that also includes my poetry, photography, outdoor adventures, and other writings. So if the first post you see is a poem (and you hate poetry) don't give up, just click on a different category, and voila, you'll see the stuff you want to! I hope you enjoy, and remember to savor the journey, and please share my blog.◄
  14. Camper Truck depicting the mobile lifestyle CHEAP RV LIVING   It's true. Living the mobile lifestyle has a lot of advantages: Like the ability to travel to employment hot spots located in different parts of the country. When i was living homeless in St. George, Utah there were several people i knew who lived out of their vehicles: One guy lived in his small pick-up truck with a camper shell on back and the other guy lived in a small converted school bus. They were both making money too: One at janitorial service and the other worked on a road widening project. And this was during a very slow economy (which seems to be the norm anyway). The only thing i didn't like was in Crescent City, California they made the mobile livers move every 5 days to a new location and feel that the city government should have been more accommodating realizing the economy is real bad and people have to live somewhere.

    ►Maybe you were a gypsy, vagabond or hobo in a past life, but you think you could never afford to live the life of freedom you long for? It could be you are a survivalist, or just want to drop out of society but don't know how. Perhaps you are just sick of the rat race and want to simplify your life. Or possibly the bad economy of the last few years have left you with no choice but move into a car, van or RV? We have good news for you, you can, and this site is here to show you how! The key is eliminating the single highest expense most of us have, our housing. We will do that by moving into our vehicle and "boondocking". By that I mean living in your vehicle without paying for a campsite. People say to me all the time, "But how can I afford to live in a van and travel all the time?" My answer is aways, "How can you afford not to"?! Let me prove to you right off the bat that you can live the free life. Here is a budget showing just how little money you need to live and travel full time. One column is for a $500 a month and the other is for $1,000 a month.◄
  15. Rob Lutter and his bicycle THE LIFECYCLE ADVENTURE   This is about a man named "Robert Lutter" who lives the dwelling portably lifestyle to the fullest. Photographer & Fundraising Adventurer, Cycling the World. Rob is currently attempting a round the world cycle from London to New York. An epic 35,000km photographic journey, solo & unsupported! Follow the ride at The Lifecycle official adventure site. This is an incredible website and personality and clicking on the picture at the right takes you to his Facebook page.

    ►The Lifecycle Adventure. A forty thousand kilometre, London to London world cycle for mental health by photographer Rob Lutter. In 2011 I strapped my camera, tent & a handful of survival gear to the back of a bicycle called Jake & rode free of London. Pedaling for creativity, mental health & the other side of the world. After three years The Lifecycle's become an epic, psychological adventure around the globe.◄
  16. Car Camping with Tarp CAR CAMPING IN THE RAIN   Here's something that may be helpful when living in or traveling around in your car. This is a simple set-up but extremely useful. Personally i would use a brown tarp rather than a blue plastic tarp, less attention getting. The blue color tarp seems to screem . . . Here i am, come & get me.

    ►Here are a few simple tricks for car-camping in the rain. Most of these may be well-known to people who camp in the wet . . . But for those new to it, here are some little lifehacks we've put to use in various state parks here in the northwest. When car-camping in the Pacific northwest, the first order of business is often to get the tarp in place. To start, tie a rope around a tree near your eating area. A good knot to use is a bowline knot ("the rabbit comes out of the hole . . ."). You can also use a "no-knot," in which you simply wrap the rope a few times around the tree; friction will keep the rope in place. Keep the tarp high enough to allow good light in. Use a forked stick, or a "chuck-it" ball-thrower if you have one, to coax that rope higher up the tree.◄
  17. Travelin' Van MOONLIGHT CHRONICLES/DAN PRICE   Here's a very interesting quality website for you. Now this guy knows how to live, it seems. He maintains a very low overhead which allows him to live the life he loves, which is not working a 9 to 5 job. Dan makes some money selling his art work items (It might be classified as "Folk Art") and books he writes. Very interesting and disciplined man.

    ►Earth native Dan Price has been creating art since 1980 and living the simple life for over 20 years. On this site you will see his many photographs made over a 10-year career in photojournalism, various short films made about his unique lifestyle, his many books and magazines created while on journeys, photos of his underground hobbit-style home and other items of interest. Please note that the availability of magazines and books will be limited to what is in stock. Check the status of each item and order only between the months of May and October, as he spends each winter surfing in Hawaii. He is now passionately putting together a Podcast for all his fans called Sound Journal, which features his home made music, interesting telephone conversations and bits of sound captured on a small digital recorder that he carries in his pocket. Dan thanks all of you for the support you have offered over the years. Your help has made it possible for him to continue exploring the world to document all things cool and to share them with you. This latest adventure of sound collecting will be shared once a month or more, depending on how often the surf is up or he can get all the sounds put together in a reasonable fashion. Sound is everywhere. You just have to open your ears enough to hear it.◄
  18. Truck Suitable for living LIVING IN YOUR TRUCK   I have in the past lived in a 1966 Chevrolet Station Wagon car. I traveled around the western USA looking for a place to live. Never did find a place to live. But, i think this Instructable here will help a lot of people - lots of good advise, i think. If you are employed, you can save a lot of money living in your car. This author tells you how to do it with some comfort . . . Like where to take a shower, where to park, etc. This is a well liked Instructable, especially in today's economy. Picture on the right is of a 1934 Ford Pick-Up truck without the required camper shell installed yet.

    ►Living in your vehicle is quite easy, and a humbling experience to boot! Here are some things necessary to keep in consideration when living in your truck . . . Keep in mind that in order to survive and have a good quality of life, you'll need a structure like this. The strong base allows for a healthy state of mind and affords one the wellness needed upon which to build and continue a humble life on the road.

    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:
    Top of Pyramid: SELF-ACTUALIZATION
    Pursue Inner Talent, Creativity, Fulfillment
    Next Down: SELF-ESTEEM
    Achievement Mastery, Recognition, Respect
    Next Down: BELONGING - LOVE
    Friends, Family, Spouse/Lover
    Next Down: SAFETY
    Security, Stability, Freedom from Fear
    Bottom/Base: PHYSIOLOGICAL
    Food, Water, Shelter, Warmth

    The pyramid is interpreted like this: To maintain quality to one's life, the bottom most layer must first be fulfilled. Only after that can the next layer really ever be finished, and so forth. This Instructable gives an idea of how to fulfill the initial bottom layers. A great book to have on your person is: How to Stay Alive In the Woods by Bradford Angier. Lots of basics of survival can be learned there, and it behooves one to always be prepared for the unexpected. I mention this book at this point because Mr Angier shows a multitude of ways to fulfill the aforementioned bottom tiers.◄
  19. Rail Bike 4 wheels RAIL RIDING   OK, this is a little different subject matter, but still has a possible use for some people dwelling portably. Around the world there exists abandoned railroad tracks which can go for miles. This includes the USA. It might be possible for someone to use these tracks to access a campsite somewhere away from normal facilities. A lot of the rail road tracks go through areas not frequented by people very much or not at all. The business linked to here provides some items you will need to build a pull cart or bike rail vehicle or small motorized rail vehicle. Picture on the right is of an actual 4 wheeled rail bike loaded with camping gear.

    ►Light polyurethane railroad wheels for sale are used all over the world - they run smooth & quiet, take abuse - a real nice "train" ride. Make the Railrider you want for:) inspection, surveying, carrying things, and most of all fun - just riding down on that rusted train rail going wherever it takes you . . . I have sold these light train railroad wheels all over the world. The railroad wheels for sale are made of proven, durable polyurethane. They can take the heat, up to 200 degrees, cold to 40 degrees below 0. These railroad wheels are on the rails in the deserts of India, to the railroad tracks in the tundras of Alaska, they have even proven themselves in several African wars - and can take the abuse of old abandoned railroad train rails. Since 1975 and still going . . . , Railriding is saving railroad tracks all over the world!◄
  20. Bernice herself, Essie Pearl (her pack horse), Honor (her riding horse), & Claire the Canine BERNICE ENDE   Wow, this is a mind blower to me because i know of another famous lady who developed her own cool lifestyle in the Mojave Desert in a remote ghost town called "Death Valley Junction" near Death Valley National Park in the state of California and she was labeled as the "Badlands Ballerina" and of course i am talking about "Marta Becket" a former New York City ballerina.

    ►Bernice Ende's entire life revolved around dancing. She was a classically trained ballerina who spent her life training, performing and then teaching. But then she stumbled upon a new way of life that turned out to be her true passion. Bernice learned about long riding — horseback rides that are 1,000 miles or longer. Her first long ride was 2,000 miles and she was hooked on this life off the beaten path. She's sharing what she's learned about life from a saddle. She says when you're living your life at 4 mph with no cell phones, computers or music, your entire way of thinking changes. As she nears the end of a two-year, 16,000-mile trip she explains how living in a tent and starting the search anew every day for food, water and shelter makes everything about life seem more immediate. Find out what it's like to spend a Montana winter sharing a tent with two horses and a dog and why, at 58 years old, she found a new goal in life — becoming the best long rider that ever lived. To keep up with Bernice's adventures and to see pictures of her cross-country travels, click here to visit her website endeofthetrail.com.◄
  21. treklightgear.com TREK LIGHT GEAR   Here's a very portable item for you which allows you to sleep wherever you can tie two ends of a rope opposite each other. Of coarse i am talking about a hammock. I tried using a hammock once to sleep in overnight near Bishop, California. It was one of the most miserable experiences in my life. I was cold and could not go to sleep. So, there must be something you can do to make it work, but right now i do not know what to do to make hammock use a pleasure. I suppose they are mostly good to use in warm tropical weather, but i think mountaineers use them, they must have some way to keep warm.

    ►Trek Light Gear was founded by Seth Haber, who wanted to combine his outdoor enthusiasm with his growing interest in entrepreneurship. His love of the outdoors brought Seth from Rhode Island to Boulder Colorado, where he soon put his computer science degree to the test working for a large medical company in the area. Despite a busy schedule, he continued to take full advantage of the wilderness around him and used his time outdoors to relax, unwind, rejuvenate and go on countless adventures with friends. As a full fledged weekend warrior it soon occurred to Seth that there were always brief moments within each trip and adventure that stayed with him long after he returned to the cubicle and went back to work. If you've ever sat at your desk after returning to work from a vacation and closed your eyes and felt yourself back on the beach or back at your campsite listening to the wind in the trees, then you know the feeling. Seth quickly realized that it was these moments of bliss that were the key to creating a healthy balance in a busy life and he soon found himself searching for a way to encourage people to get outside, take a break and enjoy the world around them in a low impact and healthy way. What better way to get outside, relax and take a break from a busy life than to lay in a hammock? And, what if you could easily take that hammock, that little piece of heaven, with you wherever you went? With this revelation, the Trek Light Hammock was born. Seth quickly teamed up with a like-minded friend (who would later move on to other ventures) and he began his quest for the perfect hammock design to make the dream a reality. Soon, he was traveling all over the state of Colorado selling the hammocks at local festivals and shows and spreading his philosophy that no matter how crazy your life is, you are never too busy to take a few moments and relax.◄
  22. Graham Mackintosh with Burro Buddy GRAHAM MACKINTOSH   I should have had this up a long time ago, it is such a great example of what a person can do even if unemployed. I actually discovered Graham when he published his first book "Into A Desert Place". Something that he said in the introduction of his book that really hit home with me: He said, that if a person (i think he said young person) is unemployed and cannot find employment, the best use of his or her time may be to just go on an adventure - get a backpack and plan a trip somewhere. My comment: Don't turn to crime or stealing, but just take what comes your way honestly. Click on the picture at the right to view his list of books on Amazon for sale.

    ►In 1983 Graham Mackintosh was a lecturer at West Kent College in England, teaching social sciences and special education to unemployed teenagers. In the hope of showing his students that a shoestring expedition could be the adventure of a lifetime, Mackintosh, who described himself as the "least adventurous person in the world," set out to walk around the beautiful but dangerous coastline of Baja California. The two-year, 3,000-mile trip changed his life. When Mackintosh emerged from the cactus-strewn wilderness, he returned to England to write Into a Desert Place and there received the prestigious "Adventurous Traveler of the Year" award. Mackintosh was soon drawn back to Baja. After years promoting Into a Desert Place in the USA and Baja California, and scores of trips below the border, he eventually decided to walk down the rugged, mountainous interior of Baja, visiting many of the old missions along the way. Journey with a Baja Burro, his second book, was the result. It describes his arduous thousand-mile journey with a pack burro from the US border to Loreto – a trip that began exactly 300 years after the October 1697 founding of the Loreto mission, the first permanent European settlement in the "Californias." In 2001, Graham spent four months in Baja’s Sierra San Pedro Martir with two street dogs, which became the subject of his third book – Nearer My Dog to Thee. His fourth book, Marooned With Very Little Beer, appeared in April 2008, and tells of his two months kayaking and hiking the second largest island in the Sea of Cortez – Isla Angel de la Guarda. Graham Mackintosh now lives in San Diego, California. He continues to give lectures and slide shows on his trips, writes articles on Baja and has guided tourists south of the border on various tours. He is married to Bonni, a nurse, who shares his love for Baja and nature.◄
  23. A Long Trek Home GROUND TRUTH TREKKING   If anyone knows anything about portable dwellings these people certainly seem to be the experts. This is an incredible situation. 4,000 Miles by Boot, Raft and Ski. Well educated people, but they walk around a lot, have a couple of young children, plus live in a Yurt in Alaska when not on the trail.

    ►This is a record of adventures of a young, idealistic couple who choose to reduce their world down to just two small packs and the next 100 yards in front of them. In June 2007, Erin McKittrick and her husband, Hig, embarked on a 4,000-mile expedition from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands, traveling solely by human power. This is the story of their unprecedented trek along the northwestern edge of the Pacific Ocean—a year-long journey through some of the most rugged terrain in the world — and their encounters with rain, wind, blizzards, bears, and their own emotional and spiritual demons. Erin and Hig set out from Seattle with a desire to raise awareness of natural resource and conservation issues along their route: Clear-cut logging of rainforests; declining wild salmon populations; extraction of mineral resources; and effects of global climate change. By taking each mile step by step, they were able to intimately explore the coastal regions of Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska, see the wilderness in its larger context, and provide a unique on-the-ground perspective.
    Click One Or More Above
    An entertaining and, at times, thrilling adventure, theirs is a journey of discovery and of insights about the tiny communities that dot this wild coast, as well as the individuals there whom they meet and inspire. Erin McKittrick had already logged more than 3,000 miles through Alaska's untracked wildernesses, before embarking on her 4,000-mile trek from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands. She received an MS in molecular biology from the University of Washington, but left academia to pursue more wilderness experiences and to concentrate on environmental activism. She lives with her husband and baby in Seldovia, Alaska.◄
  24. Sierra Stove THE SIERRA STOVE   This is the famous little wood (twig) burning stove from ZZ Manufacturing. I have owned their stoves and they work very well in my experience. It is best to gather together a pile of wood burning twigs and stuff before starting the stove. In other words have plenty of fuel ready to feed the fire after you get it going.

    ►Welcome to zzstove.com, home of ZZ Manufacturing and the SIERRA and SIERRA TITANIUM stoves. The SIERRA stove, (pictured right), is ideal for backpackers, distance bikers, back country horsemen and other campers looking for an extremely lightweight, dependable and powerful stove. The SIERRA is an excellent choice for Boy Scouts, providing a safe and simple way to learn the skills of campfire cooking.
    The SIERRA burns twigs, bark, pine cones and other woods readily available around a campsite, as well as charcoal and other solid fuels. The SIERRA incorporates an adjustable speed fan, creating a forced ventilation system that provides intense heat and efficient burning. The SIERRA weighs only 1lb yet creates up to 18,000 BTU/hr, enough heat to boil a quart of water in four minutes. A single "AA" battery powers the fan for 6 hours. The optional "D" CELL POWER SUPPLY provides over 35 hours of cooking time. The SIERRA SET includes a polished stainless steel kettle with frying pan cover, a wrap around windshield for faster and more efficient cooking, a cross grate for burning long sticks, tongs, a sample of ZIP FIRES and a nylon carry sack. The entire SIERRA SET weighs just 2lbs.◄
  25. Peace Pilgram PEACE PILGRIM   Actually, i should have put this up a long time ago, but only recently have i thought of including this famous lady here. Even if a person does not agree with her purpose in life it is still a very good example of how a person can live without all the trappings of security, like a regular home, income & transportation. To me, this is really a fascinating situation. Think about it, she walked for 28 years with no money, her possessions consisted of the clothes she wore and some items in her pockets. She died in 1981 as a passenger in a car while traveling to a speaking engagement. Something for you to consider is the fact that she maintained a very low overhead in her life: She had no children or pets or cars or homes or credit cards to maintain. She had divested herself of a lot of the things that cause trouble for many people.

    ►From 1953 to 1981 a silver haired woman calling herself only "Peace Pilgrim" walked more than 25,000 miles on a personal pilgrimage for peace. She vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food." In the course of her 28 year pilgrimage she touched the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of individuals all across North America. Her message was both simple and profound. It continues to inspire people all over the world. Her pilgrimage for peace began on the morning of January 1, 1953. She vowed "to remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace". Peace Pilgrim walked alone and penniless and with no organizational backing. She walked "as a prayer" and as a chance to inspire others to pray and work for peace. She wore navy blue shirt and slacks, and a short tunic with pockets all around the bottom in which she carried her only worldly possessions: A comb, a folding toothbrush, a ballpoint pen, copies of her message and her current correspondence.◄
  26. Real Cheap Food REAL CHEAP FOOD   The mission of this website linked here: "Eat Real, healthy food for little money!" There is a considerable amount of information here, a lot of links to other sites with low cost food recipes. Lots of good help for the beginning cook. But, it looks like a lot of simple cooking type recipes which a person could do on the road. This website has been up since February 22, 2010. There is not a lot of information about the creator of the website, just lots of information on eating cheaply with quality food items. Go Figure!

    ►Started thinking about what I could do in life if I could eat a balanced diet with complete nutrition for as little money as possible. Decided I could do more of what I really wanted to!◄
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